How writing clean code helps you in long run.

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When your code is clean, anyone can read it like reading a beautiful story.

Often, writing clean and better code comes with knowledge and experience over time. But, when you learn the art of writing clean code, the benefits that it can bring to you, to your customers, and to your organization is amazing.

Key benefits of writing clean code;

  1. Reduces the time taken to make changes to your application’s code: Since the code is clean, readable, and adhering to certain coding standards, it makes the code more consistent and makes it easy for anyone to read and understand your code and make the necessary adjustments in less time.
  2. Makes your code more maintainable: Over time, your development teams grow, so people coming from different tech backgrounds and their skill levels have a significant contribution to the quality of your codebase. the less you have code smells, are better as you can spend less time resolve tech debts and you can focus on building more features for your client.

So, in the process of making your code clean and better, it’s crucial to have the proper coding standards in place and everyone writing and reviewing code put some thought to make it better to improve as that makes our life easy and make our products high in quality.

It’s always hard to get used to these as we all learn with time and from each other, but once you get used to it, it just becomes natural.

Simplicity is the best, Always remember, that you write code for others, not for you.

Once you write a certain piece of code, Always check your code again to make sure any other person who reads the same code after some time can also read and easily understand your code. without putting in a lot of effort.

Writing clean code can be learned quickly with proper training and guidance, Knowing is not enough, you need to apply what you learned from training, code reviews, and any other means. Always try to make your code more readable, maintainable, performant, and efficient as those brings a lot of value and benefits in different aspects of your software development process.

A famous quote from Richard Branson “ Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple ”

Below are some of the tooling that can help you with improving and measuring the code quality.

  1. Having proper coding standards.

2. Following S.O.L.I.D principals.

3. Incorporating Linting (ESLint/TSLint etc…) into your code.

4. Integrating your code with Sonar Cube/Sonar Cloud.

Conclusion: In conclusion, when you have clean code, written according to pre-agreed coding guidelines, doing effective code reviews to spot any potential code smells and fixing the issues early, can help you save a lot of time. and that time can be used to build more features for your clients to deliver more or that time can be put into improving delivery quality and efficiency.

as time goes on, small tech debts get consolidated and causing you to spend more time on refactoring and making fixes, which would ideally be used for building more features that help your customers to save cost and get more things delivered at the same time. so, it’s highly important to consider adapting these in the early stages of your projects to gain benefits to you as well as to your customers.

Finally, also make sure to check for any potential security vulnerabilities of your code, plugins, and libraries, authentication, and authorization codes also to make sure your software solution is safe from security threats.

Following best practices and practical and matured approaches would definitely help us all in archiving excellence.

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Passionate Software Development Team

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Inteli Aps

Passionate Software Development Team

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